Discount Coupon Code Link Extension for Magento

by themezaa

Posted on 2017-12-20 04:35:25

Discount coupon code link that triggers automatic discount coupon code for shoppers/customers on the shopping cart page. It is great to use “Discount Coupon Code Link” in newsletter campaigns, emails, marketing blogs or posts, online/offline ads, social media posting or in any promotional tools.

“Discount Coupon Code Link” will automatically apply coupon code when products are added to shopping cart. Eye-catching lightbox popup with pre-configured message when coupon code applies. Easy configuration for Miscellaneous scripts, Success message, lightbox popup and custom redirection URL settings. View report of “No. of Views” for particular coupon code link.

Easy to use and very well documented. Discount Coupon Code Link Extension does not overwrite any Magento core files. Work with custom templates.

Frontend Sandbox Demo | Backend Sandbox Demo (Username/Password: demo/demo123)

Main Feature

  • Multi-Website Supported
  • Get Discount Coupon Code link
  • Promote Discounts by putting a discount coupon code link in newsletter campaigns, emails, marketing blogs or posts, online/offline ads, social media posting, promotional banners in website or in any promotional tools
  • Redirect customer to particular url or stay on the same page once coupon code link is clicked
  • Miscellaneous scripts – add Google Analytics, Tag manager or any tracking code or script that you want to execute when discount coupon code link is opened
  • Success Message – Enable/Disable lightbox message with custom message
  • View report of “No. of Views” for particular coupon code link
  • Single click feature to generate coupon links for all existing coupons
  • Auto generated coupon codes are supported
  • Easy 2-minutes installation
  • Magento programming practices for most versions and customizations compatibility
  • 100% open code, no encoding


 ver. 1.8 (31.08.2016) - Added feature to remove case sensitiveness in coupon code for easier use of coupons in url - Fixed an issue of auto apply coupon for cart variable based shopping cart rules 
 ver. 1.7 (08.06.2016) - Added feature in extension configuration to change image in coupon applied success / fail popup - Fixed an issue of auto apply coupon after cancelling the code in cart page and adding products again to cart - Added feature to show coupon success / fail message on the page itself as per Magento standard when popup is disabled from configuration 
 ver. 1.6 (02.04.2016) - Fixed some variable warnings generated in the error log - Fixed an issue of improper message when coupon link is clicked for the coupons not valid considering coupon expiration from and to date 
 ver. 1.5 (13.03.2016) - Upgraded Extension for Magento Version, - Fixed: Miscellaneous script was executing on return url page which we have now corrected to execute on the coupon code full link url itself. 
 ver. 1.4 (9.12.2015) - Added new function: Reload coupon code links for all existing shopping cart coupons - Support added for auto generated coupon code (multiple coupon codes for one shopping cart rule) 
 ver. 1.3 (26.11.2015) - Fixed CSS conflict issue with custom theme CSS 
 ver. 1.2 (01.11.2015) - Upgraded Extension for Magento Version - Added SUPEE-6788 Compatibility (See for more information - 
 ver. 1.1 (16.10.2015)   - Resolved router issue in case if https enabled in backend 
 ver. 1.0 (02.09.2015)   - initial release 


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