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Posted on 2017-12-21 09:37:07

About CoinCompare

CoinCompare is a PHP web application, which displays general information, quotes and interactive historical charts for more than 1800 cryptocurrencies. It is designed to allow you quickly get a website like up and running.

With CoinCompare you can identify promising and trending coins. The following data fields are available for each coin:

  • Last Trade Price
  • 24H Absolute Change
  • 24H % Change
  • Open
  • High
  • Low
  • Price in BTC
  • Circulating and Total Supply
  • Market Capitalization
  • 24H Trading Volume in currency and coins

CoinCompare features

  • Multicolor. 12 color styles are available to choose from.
  • Multicurrency. Website admin can can set any display currency (USD, EUR, GBP, CAD etc) as the default. Also visitors can switch the currency if they like. The chosen currency is remembered, so visitors don’t have to select it each time.
  • Multilanguage. Website admin can select one of the following built-in interface languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Czech, Hungarian, Greek, Slovakian, Slovenian. Other languages can be added manually. Users can also switch language if needed.
  • News ticker. News ticker on the front page can automatically rotate news from virtually any RSS-compliant feed.
  • Mobile friendly. Website is fully responsive on laptops, tablets and mobile phones.
  • SEO enabled. Each page provides individual title, meta and open graph tags.
  • Data feed. Live and historical cryptocurrency market data is automatically pulled through an API and persisted to a local database.
  • Individual coin pages. General cryptocurrency information, quote & key indicators, twitter timeline feed, interactive historical charts are available on each cryptocurrency page. The chart allows to compare historical performance of a particular coin against any other.
  • Monetization. Google AdSense responsive ad units can be easily added to the top and bottom of each web page.
  • Admin panel. Capabilities: Manage application settings (color scheme, language, default currency etc), Update market data on demand (run cron), Automatically download new coins, Override default text strings (site name, description etc), View application log files

Warning: This is NOT a WordPress plugin or theme.

System requirements

  • URL rewrite enabled
  • PHP 5.5.0 or above
  • MySQL 5.1.0 or above
  • Access to system cron (scheduled jobs)
  • PHP function set_time_limit() enabled

What license is required?

The Regular license entitles you to use the product on one website / domain only. If you want to use it on multiple websites / domains you have to purchase several Regular licenses (1 website = 1 license).

If you charge website users to have access to the product or its components you need to purchase the Extended license.

You can not include this product into other products sold on Envato market and its affiliate websites.

Please adhere to these rules. Read License FAQ for more information.


  1. Unzip and copy all files to your server.
  2. Open in a browser and follow instructions to complete the setup process.

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