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Posted on 2017-12-21 09:35:46

Update History

version : 1.4.9

 FIXED BUGS   - User logout problem - Vendor products shown in featured product when vendor system is disabled - Vendor public profile social icons not shown - In admin panel category wise banner section bug - Price range in product listing page - Social registered user invoice problem - Last name is missing in user profile & edit profile page - Email invoice - Language problem - Order tracking system bug  - User profile purchase amount problem - When too many product are added into the cart then checkout button invisible problem 

version : 1.4.8

 NEW FEATURES - Order tracking system is introduced  - Shipment status detail is added in the shipment process FIXED BUGS   - Installation bug is fixed. - Product adding bug is fixed - Staff adding bug fixed - Cart adding bug is fixed - Admin and vendor login bug fixed - Profile image bug fixed 

version : 1.4.7

 NEW FEATURES - System version added - Environment for auto update created - Environment for SEO friendly URL initialised FIXED BUGS   - Bug fixed in the email template. - Process calculation of the sale profits revised. - Facebook SKD updated and fixed. - Currency settings revised. - Bug in the user and vendor registration solved 

version : 1.4.6

 NEW FEATURES - Theme added in email template(three HTML template). - Payment gateway : VoguePay. - Latest bootstrap update(v3.3.7). - Latest font awesome update(v4.7.0). - Currency format option added in admin panel. - Customer & vendor registration alert system updated. - Contact message notification updated. FIXED BUGS   - Product missing problem in product list(admin & vendor panel). - Digital product view(update time). - Language translation. - Payment from admin section in vendor panel. 

version : 1.4.5 (Bug fixing update)

 FIXED BUGS   - Bugs fixed in customer and vendor registration. - Captcha enable/disable option added in admin panel. - Facebook login problem solved. - Bug fixed in general settings update. - Smtp enable/disable option added. - Bug fixed in email sending after installation. - Bugs fixed in Default image change.? 

version : 1.4.5

 FIXED BUGS   - Bug solved in secured server - Product price range bug fix NEW FEATURES  - 3 new color themes. - 8 new fonts added for total frontend design - Re-captcha on registration/sign up page both for vendor & customer - Profit loss chart added in vendor dashboard - New payment gateway (2checkout) - Editable email templates  

version : 1.4.4

 FIXED BUGS   - Delete products of removed vendors. - Without brand products edit problem. - Product description page in firefox. - Zip code added at delivery address in checkout page. - Home page banner upload error solved. - Error in user side invoice's sub total amount. - Error show in user panel download page. - Widget(special product) title height fixed.  NEW FEATURES  - SMTP mail system.  - Package upgrade history in Vendor panel. - Admin pay to vendor in Admin panel. - Admin pay to vendor in Vendor panel.  

version : 1.4.3

 FIXED BUGS   - Recaptcha issue.  - Terms & conditions checkbox in registration forms.  - Staff "delete" option available  - Staff password edit option accessible.   NEW FEATURES  - New currency add option.  - Three more color themes  

version : 1.4.2

 BUG FIXED  -Default currency.  -Vendor & User registration confusion cleared. -Widget problem. -Category wise product box problem in Firefox at homepage. -Special product’s box problem solved in Firefox at frontend.  NEW FEATURE          -Three color themes added. 

version : 1.4.1

 - Password field added in creating New staff in admin panel. - Solved CSS problems in product view page when no color for a product. - Country and state fields added in the both customer and vendor registration. - FIxed problems with Add to cart, Add to wishlist, Compare buttons in FireFox browser - Invoice logo problem solved. 

version : 1.4.0

 - Update to latest Codeigniter version : Total system has been updated to latest codeIgniter version 3.1. - Update to latest bootstrap version : Total cms has been updated to latest bootstrap version 3.0. - Update to latest font-awesome version : Latest fontawesome has been updated. - Multiple Currency System : Complete multiple currency system has been integrated with flag icon which make this more faster & smoother than before.    - Language system Improvement :  Total language system has been improved. Each & Every word of the total cms can be translated by admin. - Vendor System Improvement : Vendor subscription system and mailing options has been improved. Also improve the portability for arranging the vendor public profile. - New vendor public profile :  Vendor’s public profile design has been completely re-designed with complete portable options.  - Improvise vendor system :  Total vendor management and  vendor subscription system has been improved and developed this more user friendly with  elevation of security. - Separate Digital Product upload :  Digital product’s category, sub-category, discounts and much more options has been supervised separately.  - Separate Digital description page :  We designed complete separate outlook for the digital products to get rid of confliction with the physical products. - Separate Physical Product upload :  Physical product’s category, brands, sub-category, stock, discounts and much more options has been supervised separately. - Separate Physical Product description page :  We designed the complete separate outlook for the physical products to get rid of confliction with the digital products. - Complete Customer Choice Option :  Admin / vendor can insert the customer choice options (e.g : color, sizes, conditions etc ) by the implementation of single select, multiple select, dropdown select and plain text options. - Improvised advanced search option :  User can search the products based on product category, sub-category, brands, price range & vendor. - Multiple portable home page : From this most latest version we designed multiple home page with the complete portable options. Admin can change each & every portion of the home pages can be changed in most user friendly user interface with frequent system.   - Multiple color theme  :  Just with single click admin can change the complete color theme for the entire frontend outlook by maintaining the latest trend. - Product & Vendor Rating : Customer can provide after purchase rating for the products.According to the product rating vendor rating has been generated.  - Customer Support ticket : Customer can create support ticket from their own profile.Admin will send the replies from admin panel which can be received in same support thread in customer profile. - Blog pages and search: Pages of blogs has been redesigned and re-arranged with the blogs category and subcategories.Searching system has been updated also. - Mobile friendly user interface: Total frontend design has been re-designed and completely responsive.For mobile and tablet version it’ now fully usable with all features. 

version : 1.3

 - Digital product upload both for vendor and admin - Customer will get the smart option to get the download of the uploaded digital product - Blog category create/edit/delete - Blog will be uploaded by admin according to created Blog category - All blogs are viewed with sleek design by time and date  - Cart system has been improved which is more faster and user friendly   - Re-construct the home page - Admin get more functionality to re-arrange home page - Vendor can integrate their location  - Customer can check the vendor location from from locator - Intelligent caching has been included - Another option for product named "Today's Deal" has been included - Product compare has been included - Improved product search filter -Previous bugs has been fixed 

version : 1.2

 - Multi vendor system - Separate Vendor home page with vendor admin panel - create / edit / delete /postpone vendorship packages  - Maximum product limitation for vendors - Temporal limitation for vendorship - Smart Discount coupon for products   - Category/product wise discount coupon   - Alexa graph report - Alexa metrics report  - Search index report - Social Network Report - Facebook comment for product - Disqus comment for product - Improved product search filter 

version : 1.1

 - Updated to codeigniter 3.0 - Invoice E-mail to customer. - Stripe added as a new payment gateway - 2 more slider template added - Improve customer registration. - Improve installation process.  - 6 more new header/footer color scheme.  - Improved security system  
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